Utilities/Revenue Streams

Stacking our Treasury...
Most projects make ridiculous claims of utilities and hardly deliver in areas that can bring sustainable value. This is where we want to set Mensarii's Guild aside from other projects. We have no liquidity pool planned and it is highly unlikely we will offer any farms or staking for our collections. Our approach to creating a sustainable model is not based solely on tokenomics. We are building utilities based on real world brand development and a multi-pronged approach.
Here are some of the Utilities/Revenue Streams we are currently building:
  • Registering Mensarii's Guild as a Non-Profit LLC
  • Charitable Donations
  • Education Sponsorship
  • Online Merchandise Store
  • ALPHA Boxes
  • Breakout Product Launches
  • Digital Gallery Events
  • Utilities Consulting and Product Development
  • Decentralized Career Platform
  • Advertising
  • Web2 Sponsorships
Our founder Morpheus has extensive connections and experience that will allow Mensarii's Guild to bring products to retails shelves in brick and mortar. This positions us to bring revenue to our treasury in the form of fiat through traditional business practices. Morpheus has built multiple brands and consulted other successful business owners. We have a unique ability to merge Mensarii's Guild with real life businesses and develop the brand beyond Web3.
After launch, we will begin solidifying our brand/products and bringing them to retail.