Mensarii's Guild 2.0

-Empowering Individuals-

Collection Stats.

Mensariis Guild NFTS:

Fostering the power of education and artistic collaboration in the Web3 era. Join the Guild and be part of unlocking our potential to thrive in the digital world and beyond. NFT Holders stake to earn $DNRII and enjoy other membership benefits. Solana collection can be found on secondary here: MAGIC EDEN


NFT Giveaways

Spin-Off Collab Airdrops (Evolving Art)

Auto Whitelist into future rounds for Original Collection Holders

Membership Boxes/ Exclusive Merch

Members Education/Career Platform (Mobile App)

The What and Why

Historically, the Mensarii were appointed to solve the problem of citizens indebtness. We have been chosen.

Mensarii's Guild is an art and NFT based community seeking higher education in the space. As well as enrich our holders, we aim to foster ability to excel at interacting with blockchain technologies. We are building a community of educated professionals that can prosper in Web3 and beyond.

The How

Membership Exclusives... Mensariis Guild NFTs provide membership to exclusives from a growing brand at the ground level. At the very core of the Guild lies the art. Expect new art, expect new rounds of NFTs which will always be easily accessible to members and harder to attain by newcomers. Extremely rare and short supply. Each round will have an increasing price for new minters. Expect deflationary mechanisms for existing collections. Expect the brand art and vision to carry over into exclusive merch for members.

1. Hold atleast 1 Mensarii = Membership

2. Stake atleast 1 Mensarii = $DNRII (Staking can be found HERE)

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