Mensarii's Guild 1.0

-A Collection of NFTs with Purpose-
Collection Stats.
4,444 Unique Mensariis
$22 Mint Price
8% Royalties (5% Treasury, 3% Creator)
Mint Allocations.
40% Creator/Team Wallet (used to pay team members)
60% Treasury/Build Wallet (used to fulfill project deliverables)
Donations Every Round
Debt Payment Matching for holders
Donations at Project Milestones
Scholarships for Education
DAO Vote/Nominate for Scholarships
NFT Giveaways
Spin-Off Collab Airdrops (Evolving Art)
Auto Whitelist into future rounds for Original Collection Holders
ALPHA Boxes/ Exclusive Merch
First Access to Career Platform
The What and Why
Historically, the Mensarii were appointed to solve the problem of citizens indebtness. We have been chosen.
Recently there has been an onset of lawsuits challenging Joe Biden's authority to erase student debt. The original plan to relief borrowers of student loan debt inspired the creation of the Guild. We are not sure if any federal loan assistance will actually happen, but we are taking matters into our own hands. We will use our treasury to make charitable donations to those struggling with the cost of education and other debts. Mensarii's Guild is the first NFT based DAO to address the debt crisis and will work to provide a solution on an ongoing basis as well as enrich our holders ability to educate themselves. We are building a community of educated professionals that can prosper in Web3 and beyond.
The How
A New Take on Revenue Sharing/Charity-
Upon sell-out of the Genesis mint, the Guild will file and register as an LLC to make charitable donations to holders who exhibit a financial burden. These donations will be made via our DAO treasury. Holders will have the opportunity to apply for Guild sponsored scholarships for education. An application process will be implemented, and anyone can be nominated to receive a scholarship or receive a donation whether they hold a Mensarii or not. ONLY Mensarii's Guild NFT holders will have the ability to nominate or vote recipients. Once per year a new collection will be released under the umbrella of the Guild with upgraded/evolved art. After each round mint we will proceed with development and evolution of the existing collection, morphing the art into a new collection. Any holder will be able to send their originally minted NFT back to the DAO treasury to be burned in exchange for minting the next round FREE OF CHARGE (or keep their NFT and mint at whitelist price). Each round will have an increasing price for new minters. In essence this creates pressure to get in early and hold while adding a deflationary mechanism to existing collections.
Reduced mint price for holders
If you participate in any round of minting the next round mint price will be reduced (or free permitting you send a Mensarii back to the Treasury). Don't want to participate? No problem, you are free to sell your NFT on secondary marketplaces but be advised - doing so will eliminate you from reduced price mints. Ready to try again? Simple jump back in during any round and enjoy the privilege of minting future rounds at a discount!
Ever Increasing Floor
Each round will cost slightly more than the previous round. Price, Art and ALPHA BOXES will reflect the project's progression, development and evolution. The only way to mint a round for less than the public price is to mint or hold the previous round. This in essence creates an ever increasing floor price for any Mensarii's Guild NFT. As rounds progress the previously minted NFTs can be exchanged 1:1 for the new round whitelist or free mint.
Holders will have options:
1. Keep their NFT and mint future rounds at a reduced cost
2. Send a Mensarii back to the Treasury address and mint a future round FREE
3. Do nothing and continue to hold whichever Mensarii you like
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