The $GRATIS Token

Current and Planned Utilities
What is $GRATIS? - This is a utility token and holders will have the ability to exchange $GRATIS 1:1 for a Mensarii NFT after minting is complete. The supply is capped to 300, and we plan to share these tokens with our partners and give some away on a rolling basis to promote our project.
What is the price of these tokens? Are they tradeable? - No, these are purely utility tokens and they will never be tradable or have any liquidity pool. If you find them on a dex, The Guild did not list them. Use caution with connecting your wallet to unknown sites.
Does the token have any other utility? - $GRATIS has become more than simply a medium of exchange for Mensarii NFTs. Post mint, the token will be directly tied to a floor sweep mechanism. When a Guild member exchanges $GRATIS for a Mensarii, the Guild will use treasury funds to sweep Mensariis floor and use these NFTs to deliver the claimed NFTs. This will create buy pressure as $GRATIS tokens are redeemed, helping to bolster our floor price. How can I earn more $GRATIS? - These tokens are in very short supply. There will never be more minted. The only way to earn $GRATIS tokens is through community participation. Token shall be transferred back and forth between the treasury and the community upon redemption making the tokens useful in every round.
Token Address- 2b96jURU4PfQNCtPWVzijFgRpBx82djYuLueZgV3NknW