Decentralized Career Platform

Sir, will you hire me?
Building a Decentralized Career Platform- While building out our project we noticed a gaping hole in the crypto/nft space. The mark of any successful business is the ability to identify market need, demand and problems while also being able to provide a solution. That is why in addition to our other utilities we will be building a Decentralized Career Platform. Think Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or Monster but built on a decentralized platform.
According to recent stats:
  • ​100 million job resumes are currently on the Indeed job board
  • ​9.8 new jobs are added every second in the platform
  • There are 16 million job postings and 10 million company reviews
  • Indeed made 65 percent of all hires made in the United States from online sources in 2016, so is one of the most known and popular job boards
  • In 2016, Indeed delivered nearly three quarters of all interviews from job sites in the United States — 72 percent in total
This is a HUGE market in Web2, this combined with NFTs and Crypto having a global reach of hundreds of millions of remote workers. We believe we can capture a remarkable percent of market share effectively bridging this gap through technological innovation.
Some features we intend to implement:
  • Search and apply for jobs
  • List and Recruit Employees and Freelancers
  • Advertising/Boosting of Resumes, Listings, and Web3 products
  • Employer/Employee Review System
  • Web3 Career Coaching and Mentorship Program
  • Scholarship Program
  • Web2 Sponsors
This goal is aligned with our original project motives to support higher education in the traditional sense as well as within the Web3 space. To be clear, what we are building is all encompassing and will have a broad reach. We will also use this platform to implement our Scholarship Program. To protect our intellectual property from competitors we decline disclose the full depth of our plans. Upon meeting our mint goal, we will be poised to deliver an amazing product and industry tool.
Disclaimer- This description DOES NOT include proprietary intellectual property which we are reserving the right to disclose after our Genesis Mint.