What are ALPHA Boxes and How do they work?
We have put a lot of consideration and thought into making ALPHA boxes a potential revenue stream and value adder for holders. ALPHA Boxes will also support a higher floor price by taking items off of secondary markets...
We introduce: Custom crafted boxes of physical goods, merchandise and/or digital goods. Exchange one Mensarii for one ALPHA box containing high-res framed art and Certificate of Authenticity (shows item stats, mint address and claim address). Each round will include a new item in addition to all the items from the previous boxes. To claim, a Mensarii must be sent back to the DAO Treasury. ALPHA Box claimers will still be privileged to mint future rounds at a reduced cost. 88 boxes per round can be purchased through our online store and 88 boxes per round will be available to claim with NFTS. Boxes will be shipped internationally where laws permit. More details on how to claim ALPHA boxes will become available after mint.
-Entry fee for future rounds will be reduced through whitelist
-88 Boxes available each round for claim by NFT
-88 Boxes available each round for for purchase
-The number of boxes available per round subject to change
-Must be claimed during the current round, before next Round mint launches
-ALPHA boxes will be available in our online shop with the option to purchase with fiat WITHOUT sending any NFT back to the treasury
-50% of the profits from items sold in our shop will be deposited into our DAO Treasury
-50% of the profits will be transferred to the Founder/Team wallet
-Extremely limited supply, adds deflationary mechanism to Mensarii's Guild NFTs
Alpha Box Round #1 contents
1 T-shirt
1 Certificate of Authenticity
1 Custom Made Physical Coin